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  1. Identify the probabilities of women employment and conduction of income generating programs and to give trainings for that.
  2. Increase the reach of rural women in all sectors of the society.
  3. Make women self-dependent by developing their skills and talent and conduct different programs for that.
  4. Increase women participation in every step of planning and implementation process of development and construction.
  5. Advocacy of man-women equality and co development. 
  6. Assist in the implementation of laws and regulations made in the favor of women right.
  7. Increase awareness of people against women and child trade and conduct different programs against it.
  8. Awareness building against violence and discrimination on women, and conduct program against it.
  9. Awareness building against single women and conduct programs to make them self-employed to decrease their dependency on others.
  10. Take initiative to conduct programs for street children and orphans. To establish orphan homes if required.
  11. Conduct programs for the rights of senior citizens and to establish home for them.
  12. Consultancy services for rural infrastructure development to the local authorities and other authorities.
  13. Peoples conscious building about environment conservation and evaluation of environmental impact of local development activities.
  14. Develop the feeling of community development.
  15. Spreading information of community health education.
  16. Undertake non formal education, over-aged education.
  17. Development of small cottage trade, conduction of required trainings for that.
  18. Improvement and development of local technology, skill and talent.
  19. Conduction of programs on local level to uplift and develop Madheshi and other discriminated community and tribes,
  20. Conduction of programs against the discrimination against Madheshi, Dalit and other backward community.
  21. Identification of probability and conduction of programs of development in the local level of Madhesh, Remote Part and other culturally, socially and economically backward part of the country.
  22. Identification of social, political, cultural and other problems in different part of country including Madhesh, inform it to the concerned parties and conduction of programs about it including study, research, analysis and discussions. 
  23. Awareness building and development local technology to crop cash crops in spite of conventional crops.
  24. Awareness building for making tree plantation more effective.
  25. Awareness building and local technology development for increasing the habit of using good quality drinking water.
  26. Awareness building and conducting programs in source conservation.
  27. Awareness building and conduction of programs about population control and family planning.
  28. Undertaking small irrigation projects in local public participation and conduct trainings about community management.
  29. Conduct training local level about water resource and assist in making user groups.
  30. Public conscious building about wildlife conservation.
  31. Identification of natural and cultural resources and conscious building in the conservation of such resources.
  32. Conscious building and conduction of programs for the conservation and development of local culture and languages.
  33. Production and broadcast of audio-visual programs related to health education, women education, awareness and establish Radio, Television Stations and Websites for the purpose.