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“Development of Forage Seed Resources Centers of Tropical Species in Mahottari”

  • Project Period :

    18/03/2015 to 30/06/2017

  • Project beneficiaries:

    Principal Beneficiaries:
    Women member of the families who directly involved in the project activities.
    Direct Beneficiaries:
    Ruminant animal raiser, Forage seed buyer and seller, rural unemployed people, district line agencies and the development organizations involved in livestock and forage development and poverty alleviation programs etc.
    Indirect Beneficiaries:
    Agro–vet, Agriculture technician, Agriculture research and development program, program for improving the livelihood of poor and marginalized communities, program for soil conservation, development organizations involved in forest and environment protection etc.

  • Total Budget of the Project:

    NPR. 1,999,434.00

  • Donor Agency:

    The National Agricultural Research and Development Fund (NARDF)

  • Project areas / location:

    Bathnaha and Siswa Kataiya VDC of Mahottari district.

  • Project Outcomes:

    Availability situation of forage seed is improved.